The Power of One

Courtesy of Stop Genocide Now

Photograph by Stop Genocide Now

With issues like the Darfur crisis, many people question what kind of a real impact a single individual (such as you or me) can have on something so far away from one’s own backyard.

To these people, I would like to introduce the story of Spencer Brodsky, a Maryland teenager.

Brodsky, just 17 years old, has worked to provide over 400 fuel-efficient stoves to the women of Darfur. These stoves allow the women to reduce the number of times they must venture from the safety of their camps to gather firewood.

Click here to view a brief video about Brodsky and his efforts to help victims of the genocide in Sudan.

The power of one is alive and well. Brodsky made a difference. I can make a difference. You can make a difference.

“They’re Going to Exterminate Us”

100 women marched through the Chadian town of Guelendeng with their hands on their heads (a sign of mourning) to protest against domestic violence.

Women in Chad report that violence against wives at the hands of their husbands is unthinkable. Stabbings are a common occurrence. One recent victim believes that “they’re going to exterminate us”.

The protesters feel several factors contribute to domestic violence – including forced marriages, accepted norms subordinating women, poverty, displacement, jealousy, and a rise in alcohol consumption.