Darfur – Only “Remnants of Genocide”

What we see is the remnants of genocide.

Those words were spoken today by US Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration whose recent trip to Darfur did not convince him that a genocide is TAKING place – only that a genocide TOOK place.

Gration also remarked that the humanitarian gap caused by Sudan’s expulsion of major aid groups in March has been “essentially closed”.

Perhaps Gration is simply trying to exhibit optimism. Perhaps he’s out to improve the image of Sudan.

Whatever the reason behind his words today, I’m left confused.

Just two days ago, US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice called Darfur a present “genocide”. Less than two weeks ago, the man who appointed Gration, US President Barack Obama, referred to Darfur as a “genocide that’s taking place”.

How can people working together lack consensus on something like this? Yes, Darfur was a genocide in 2003. It was a genocide in 2006. And it is a genocide today. The means of carrying out the genocide may have changed but the motive is the same.

China and US Discuss Darfur

There have been “positive” talks between the US and China about the Darfur crisis and peace between North and South Sudan.

In Beijing, US special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration and China’s special representative for Darfur “discussed deepening US-China cooperation over shared concerns in Sudan”.

Many believe China’s support is key to ending the suffering in Sudan – with it being an “ally of the regime, military supplier, and importer of oil”.

Cooperation between the two countries will include maintaining communication and exchanging information.

US Gives Sudan 30 Days; Kerry to Visit Darfur

The US has reportedly offered Sudan a proposal by which the relationship and dialogue between the two countries will improve if (AND ONLY IF) Sudan addresses the issue of the expulsion of aid groups.

The proposal was introduced during US special envoy Scott Gration’s visit to Sudan last week.

Sudan has one month to respond.

It also appears that Gration is not the only American leader to journey to Sudan.

Next week,  Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, plans to travel to Darfur – where he will lead a congressional delegation meeting with Sudanese officials.

“On the Brink of a Deepening Crisis”

After a visit to one of Darfur’s IDP camps, US special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration came away “very concerned” about what he saw.

What he saw was an overwhelming lack of adequate water and medical supplies – the result of Sudan’s expulsion of foreign humanitarian groups who provided such necessities to millions displaced by the Darfur genocide.

According to Gration –

We are on the brink of a deepening crisis in Darfur…we have to come up with a solution on the ground within the next few weeks…so that these people don’t die and they don’t incur any more suffering.

In addition to water and medical care, Gration also wants to bring peace to Darfur –

I believe that we can all work together and that means rebel groups and the government and other folks that have an interest here to come up with a solution that works for everybody.

On another note, the Executive Editor of the New York Times recently equated saving the newspaper with SAVING DARFUR!!!!!! – click here to read more.

US Envoy Heads to Sudan

Today, newly-appointed US special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration met with US President Barack Obama. Tomorrow, he will depart for Africa.

Gration is expected to visit Darfur, Khartoum, and South Sudan.

President Obama on Gration and his trip –

I am sending him off with my full confidence. He will be speaking for the administration, and he will be coming back to report to me very shortly about what he’s found there and additional steps that we can take to deal with this situation.

President Obama on the US and Darfur –

I actually think that America can speak effectively with one voice and bring the moral and other elements of our stature to bear in trying to deal with this situation.