Sudan: Demonstrations by opposition are “not a suitable form of expression”

Sudanese presidential adviser Salah Gosh (Al-Rayaam)

Sudanese presidential adviser Salah Gosh (Al-Rayaam)

The Sudanese government said it will categorically prevent any attempts to stage demonstrations saying that the conditions in the country are not suitable for this form of expression.

The Sudanese presidential adviser and the former director of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) Salah Gosh told a convention for the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) that the government will crack down “on any attempts to stir up the absurdity and the destabilization of the country’s security”.

Gosh was referring to two failed attempts this month by a coalition of Northern opposition parties and Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) to stage a rally after hundreds of riot police were deployed to the streets and party headquarters to prevent the demonstrators from taking the streets.

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