The R2P Debate

The United Nations General Assembly recently debated the concept of “R2P” or the “responsibility to protect” – which describes “a nation-state’s duty to support and defend its population” to prevent atrocities such as genocide and ethnic cleansing from occurring.

The consensus is that there are three pillars supporting the idea of R2P –

  1. Responsibility of nation-states to protect their own people
  2. Responsibility of the international community to assist sovereign states in need
  3. Responsibility of the UN to use collective force when a nation-state fails to protect its own people.

Click here to read a great article discussing the R2P principle and the controversy that the third pillar often creates when it comes to current issues such as Darfur and the Congo.

U.N. Antigenocide Policy – Too Late for Darfur?

FCBDBFF5-F30C-4BB2-893D-1DCA0A7D505AThe Obama administration supports the U.N. doctrine for multinational military action to stop genocide after diplomacy is exhausted. The Responsibility to Protect doctine was endorsed by the U.N. in 2005. Now support is needed to implement it “when a new genocide” occurs. Too late for Darfur?

Supporters of implementing the doctrine include China and Russia. Opponents fear the policy will be exploited by major powers to interfere in sovereign nations for economic and strategic goals. What do you think?

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