Is Darfur A Genocide?

An article in today’s LA Times written by Edmund Sanders questions whether or not the situation in Darfur is a “genocide” – by the term’s legal definition.

Sanders’ piece is controversial and provocative – showing us just how powerful the “G-word” can be.

I firmly believe that the Darfur crisis is a genocide – without question. However, I also agree with Darfur advocate John Prendergast –

Well-meaning scholars can disagree, but the debate is a crushing diversion from what we need to do to find a solution.

People can bicker back-and-forth all they want about whether Darfur is or is not a genocide. But, how is that helping the situation on the ground?

Millions of people struggle to survive without food, water, and medical supplies while we question just how bad their situation is? Unacceptable.

Click here to read the legal definition of “genocide” – and decide for yourself.

Arrested for Darfur

Enough Project co-founder John Prendergast, left, and Save Darfur Coalition president Jerry Fowler, right, are arrested during a protest at the Sudanese Embassy against the actions by the Sudanese government in Darfur on Monday in Washington.

Enough Project co-founder John Prendergast, left, and Save Darfur Coalition president Jerry Fowler, right, are arrested during a protest at the Sudanese Embassy. Photo by AP.

Earlier today, John Prendergast of the Enough Project and Jerry Fowler of the Save Darfur Coalition were arrested with five other members of Congress.  They were protesting outside the Sudanese embassy over the ongoing genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region.

So who are the five members of Congress?  They include:

  • Jim McGovern, D-Mass.
  • John Lewis, D-Ga., a veteran of the civil rights movement in the 1960s;
  • Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md.
  • Keith Ellison, D-Minn., the only Muslim member of Congress, and
  • Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif.

Mr. Lewis said, “I don’t understand how the world can just stand by and watch the slaughter of innocent victims in Darfur. Haven’t we learned the hard lessons of Rwanda and Bosnia, of the Holocaust?”

I commend these brave individuals for having the courage to stand up for the people of Darfur.

Read the whole article.

Another Busy Day

The Darfur front is once again ripe with breaking news –

Actor George Clooney met with US President Barack Obama on Monday to discuss the Darfur crisis. Clooney brought with him 250,000 postcards collected by Save Darfur signed by people from across the nation. Vice President Joe Biden was also present for the discussion.

After the meeting, Clooney announced that President Obama intends to appoint a special envoy to Sudan. Contenders for the position include Africa expert and humanitarian John Prendergast and former diplomat to Sudan Roger Winter.

Two workers from a French aid group were shot and killed in South Darfur by gunmen riding camels and horses. Reports state that the workers stumbled upon a robbery in progress and may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What’s a “Geoblog”?

imagesA partnership between Google Earth and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiatives has led to a new “geoblog” entitled World is Witness.

The “geoblog” chronicles genocide and crimes against humanity across the globe – from Rwanda to Darfur to the Congo. Visitors can find compelling articles, maps of crisis-laden areas, informative videos, podcasts, external links to related websites, and much more.

Opinions expressed on this “geoblog” come from several renowned supporters of peace in Darfur and human rights defenders including Adam Sterling, John Prendergast, Eric Reeves, Brian Steidle, and Alex de Waal.

So much useful info is at your fingertips thanks to World is Witness. Take advantage of it.