Sudan to Allow Some Aid to Darfur

After meeting with Sudanese officials today, John Kerry has announced that “some…capacity for humanitarian assistance will be restored” in Darfur.

Kerry did not say whether aid groups expelled last month would be allowed to return to Sudan. However, he did say that a “partial restoration of capacity is not sufficient”.

According to Kerry –

Time is of the essence to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

Sudan does not appear willing to welcome back previously expelled organizations – referring to them as a “closed file”. It is expected that new groups will replace the old ones.

Local Library Honors Genocide Prevention Month

The public library in Brea has embraced Genocide Prevention Month.

We encouraged them to display, front and center during April, books about various genocides which have unfortunately taken place throughout history.

They listened.

When you walk through the library’s doors, you are met by a poster commemorating Genocide Prevention Month and suggesting books you can check out and read in order to learn more about the far too many people who have been victims of unthinkable genocides.

A big thank you to the Brea Public Library.

We also contacted the libraries in Fullerton and Yorba Linda. However, they selected Easter and Earth Day displays instead.

Also, in other news –

Senator John Kerry has arrived in Sudan – “hopeful” that progress can be made regarding several issues.

Oxfam officially appealed its expulsion from Sudan.

US Gives Sudan 30 Days; Kerry to Visit Darfur

The US has reportedly offered Sudan a proposal by which the relationship and dialogue between the two countries will improve if (AND ONLY IF) Sudan addresses the issue of the expulsion of aid groups.

The proposal was introduced during US special envoy Scott Gration’s visit to Sudan last week.

Sudan has one month to respond.

It also appears that Gration is not the only American leader to journey to Sudan.

Next week,  Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, plans to travel to Darfur – where he will lead a congressional delegation meeting with Sudanese officials.