IDPs To Boycott US Envoy

Unless he changes his position and takes account of our demands, he is not welcomed in our camps because he does not consider us.

Those words were spoken by a representative of Darfur’s internally displaced persons, who have decided against meeting US special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration when he visits their camps.

The IDPs feel that Gration has “ignored their demand for security” and refused to acknowledge Darfur for what it is – a humanitarian crisis.

Put simply by the representative –

It is better for President Obama to appoint someone else.

Many in the US agree with this view of Gration and what he has accomplished (or hasn’t accomplished). Several had high hopes when he was appointed. Now, many are left wanting more.

IDPs Want Action Not “Tourists”

Many of Darfur’s internally displaced persons (IDPs) appear to be growing disheartened at the international community’s response (or lack thereof) to their crisis.

Time and time again, foreign envoys to Sudan arrive in Darfur, assess the situation, and leave as quickly as they came.

The IDPs do not want “tourists”. They want people who will witness the suffering and do something about it when they return home.

Envoys come and go – yet the conflict rages on.