Mia Farrow’s Hunger Strike Ends

Adhering to her doctor’s advice, Mia Farrow has ended her hunger strike for Darfur after 12 days.

According to Farrow –

I am fortunate. The women, children, and men I am fasting for do not have this option…when I began this fast 12 days ago, I hoped another would take my place, and another, and another, until the expelled humanitarian agencies are readmitted and finally there can be justice and peace for the people of Darfur.

Sir Richard Branson will take over for Farrow.

Sudan: Farrow, Clooney are Ignorant

The Sudanese government is certainly unimpressed with Mia Farrow’s current hunger strike for Darfur – which it views as “unwarranted”.

According to the spokesperson for the Sudanese embassy in London –

We appreciate Mia Farrow’s intentions and we respect her for her interest in the welfare of the Sudanese people…but as a politician she is only a beginner…she is like George Clooney…he is good-looking but ignorant…she is ignorant too.

The spokeperson feels that Farrow is overlooking the fact that all aid groups were not kicked out of Darfur – only the foreign ones were.

A Report Card for Obama

US President Barack Obama will hit his 100th day in office this Wednesday, April 29th.

CNN is planning to measure Obama’s first 100 days – through a National Report Card.

Let’s make sure that, along with the economy and other domestic issues, Darfur is included on the Report Card.

Contact CNN through Twitter, Facebook, or their online contact page and let them know that evaluating the President’s handling of the Darfur genocide and its recent twists and turns is important.

Also, on Monday, actress Mia Farrow will begin Darfur Fast for Life – an extended hunger strike in “solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan”. Others will also be joining in – either by consuming only water and/or refugee rations for 21 days.