Text Secretary of State Clinton

US Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration has asked for an “easing” of sanctions against the country.

Help the Enough project’s efforts to keep sanctions in place  –


“The World’s New Threat: Conflict Fatigue”

The current humanitarian situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo calls for our attention. However, according to two individuals connected to Enough, there is a major obstacle facing its resolution.

That obstacle?

Conflict fatigue“.

Click here to read the article recently published on the subject – quite interesting.

The world has a lot of work to do…Anyone advocating for an end to the conflict must be content with slow and steady progress and not expect a quick fix…In fact, this is true of most conflicts…Conflict fatigue only takes root when we forget that.

“All Bark, No Bite”

Enough, the project to end genocide and crimes against humanity, has created an interactive timeline of the Darfur crisis and the Bush administration’s response (or lack thereof) to it from its inauguration to its final days.

One common theme emerges – tough words without tough actions.

Some of the Bush administration’s most noteworthy quotes on Darfur –

The world cannot ignore the suffering of more than one million people.

The international community has to act on Darfur.

The brutal treatment of innocent civilians in Darfur is unacceptable.

America will not turn away from this tragedy. We will call genocide by its rightful name.

There is no time to delay.

ICC Wants Arrest Warrants for Darfur Rebels

69Luis Moreno Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), requested arrest warrants for three Darfur rebels believed to have killed twelve African Union peacekeepers in September 2007.

According to Ocampo, “no one who’s attacked peacekeepers will be immune“.

The significance of Ocampo’s actions and words cannot be overlooked. Enough, an organization aimed at ending genocide and crimes against humanity, hit the nail on the head when it stated yesterday that this shows the ICC will “pursue justice with an even hand” and the Sudanese government’s claims of unfair treatment by the ICC are “without merit”.

Ocampo’s message is clear – it does not matter whether you are a powerful government official, prominent rebel leader, or recognized militiaman. If you contribute to the undermining of peace in Darfur, you will be held accountable.

Kudos once again to Luis for his refusal to stand by idly.