Over 2000 walk for Darfur in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Walk for Darfur 2009 (from latimes.com)

Los Angeles Walk for Darfur 2009 (from latimes.com)

Jewish World Watch held a hugely successful Rally for Darfur in Los Angeles yesterday.   Over 2000 people attended and they raised over $100,000.

“We . . . made a promise to our ancestors to never forget,” Riter (Rabbi Ted Riter of Temple Adat Elohim in Thousand Oaks) said, referring to a commitment by fellow Jews not to let atrocities such as the Holocaust go unchallenged.

“You think we’d learn the lesson, and we haven’t,” he said. “We don’t want our kids to have to walk.”

Congratulations to Mina Rush and everyone else at JWW for doing an excellent job in raising the awareness of the genocide in Darfur.  And this after organizing the first ever Rally for Darfur in Orange County.  Kudos!

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