China-Donated School Opens in Darfur

Yesterday, a primary school donated by the Chinese embassy in Sudan opened its doors in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur state. The school consists of 32 classrooms, 6 offices, 600 desks, and a football field.

The school, built by Chinese peacekeeping forces in Darfur during their spare time, was called “the best gift the local people have ever received”.

There are plans for 54 similar schools to open in the future.

The E6 Envoys

Through their envoys to Sudan, six global powers have called for Chad and Sudan to “exercise restraint”.

The “E6 Envoys” represent the US, UK, Russia, France, EU, and China. The group met Wednesday in Doha, Qatar.

According to reports, they “recognized the negative impact on the Darfur political process of the current escalation of tension between Sudan and Chad” and “underlined the need for continued efforts to address humanitarian needs in Darfur and other parts of Sudan”.


China and US Discuss Darfur

There have been “positive” talks between the US and China about the Darfur crisis and peace between North and South Sudan.

In Beijing, US special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration and China’s special representative for Darfur “discussed deepening US-China cooperation over shared concerns in Sudan”.

Many believe China’s support is key to ending the suffering in Sudan – with it being an “ally of the regime, military supplier, and importer of oil”.

Cooperation between the two countries will include maintaining communication and exchanging information.

China to Drill Wells in Darfur

China has agreed to drill several water wells in Darfur, and, according to Chinese envoy for Darfur Liu Guijin, the country will continue to provide further humanitarian assistance to the region.

In Khartoum today, Guijin expressed his appreciation for the Sudanese government’s efforts to bring a sense of stability and peace to Darfur.

Interesting moves by China, wouldn’t you say?