African Union grants immunity to Omar Al-Bashir


Omar Al-Bashir (Photo by US Navy / MC2 Jesse Awalt

The African Union (AU) has decided to denounce the International Criminal Court (ICC) for indicting Omar Al-Bashir for “crimes against humanity”.  This implies that

  • AU members “shall not cooperate” with the court in The Hague.
  • Al-Bashir is free to travel to any African country without fear of arrest.

Initially Botswana and South Africa had publicly stated that they will arrest the Mr. Bashir if he travelled to their countries.  However, South Africa’s stance has since changed.

“Maybe at one point, the new South African government expressed some negative views … As South Africa was part of the decision at Sirte, it implies that this means he would be able to travel there” Al-Sadiq said.

“As far as we are concerned, whenever there are meetings in the African continent, or in Arab countries, he will go there,” he added.

I am deeply disappointed by this decision.  The innocent people of Darfur need the leaders of Africa to hold brutal regimes like the Sudanese government accountable and in check.  They are still waiting for justice.

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The decision at the African Union summit says AU members “shall not cooperate” with the court in The Hague “in the arrest and transfer of President Omar al-Bashir of the Sudan to theThe