U.N. Antigenocide Policy – Too Late for Darfur?

FCBDBFF5-F30C-4BB2-893D-1DCA0A7D505AThe Obama administration supports the U.N. doctrine for multinational military action to stop genocide after diplomacy is exhausted. The Responsibility to Protect doctine was endorsed by the U.N. in 2005. Now support is needed to implement it “when a new genocide” occurs. Too late for Darfur?

Supporters of implementing the doctrine include China and Russia. Opponents fear the policy will be exploited by major powers to interfere in sovereign nations for economic and strategic goals. What do you think?

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Obama in Ghana – Hope for Darfur?

President Obama spoke in Ghana following the G8 summit. While encouraging Africans to take responsibility for their own future, he does acknowledge that the genocide in Darfur is not simply an African problem. He calls for an international system to oppose human rights violations and help those who have suffered. He specifically spoke out against the criminality and cowardice of systematic rape.
“We must bear witness to the value of every child in Darfur and dignity of every woman in the Congo.
Mr. Obama outlined the need for democracy, opportunity, health care, and peaceful conflict resolution. For the entire speech, click here.

Sudan Divestment – Ethical Investment In Hard Economic Times

The current economy is bad. Everyone knows it. Unemployment; foreclosures; business failures. Not just locally or nationally, but globally as well. Bailouts and stimulus packages are the hope for better days.

There’s a general consensus that genocide is bad. Mass murder of men, women, and children; violent gang rapes of women and young girls; villages burned to the ground. The list of atrocities rage on as a part of daily life in Darfur, Sudan.

The arrest warrant for Sudanese President Bashir issued by the ICC last week offers a glimmer of hope. However, the hail of applause for this long anticipated action should neither deafen nor deter the need to pressure this oppressive government to end its reign of terror on civilians.

History has shown that the Sudanese government will bow to economic pressure. Divesting from companies that support genocidal acts in Sudan provides that pressure. In fact, in March 2006 the Sudanese embassy purchased a six-page ad in the New York Times to counter divestment actions. Translation: divestment works!

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