Are we too busy to be compassionate?

Hi everyone,

I recall a study on altruism that I read awhile ago.  It involved a bunch of seminary students.  They were divided into two groups and both were given instructions to go to another location.  One group was told they were late and needed to rush, the other group was not told that.  A person in distress was planted in their path as part of the experiment.  Can you guess which group was more apt to help the person in need? It wasn’t those who thought they were running late… (see “The Good Samaritan Study”).

I am concerned about many of the recent trends in our society, especially, the short and long term consequences of the gadget-ridden, multi-tasking, over-scheduled pace that has become the new norm.  We are all in a hurry, all of the time, and it is accepted like that is just the way it is.

What price do we pay in lost ability to respond compassionately when someone is genuinely in need of help? And what are we losing in self-awareness, close relationships, and the ability to think novel, creative thoughts?

The psychotherapist in me suspects there are deeper issues going on.  In our quest to evade the distress within, we stay distracted.  Yet the cumulative stress of chronic busy-ness in and of itself can create the same states in our bodies as actual traumatic experiences, thereby increasing distress.  It is a no-win cycle.

Our good friend Tarra Stariell will be in Orange County on Saturday, February 26 to present No time to think, No time to breathe… Is this me? Tarra is a psychotherapist in private practise with over 16 years of experience.  She specializes in working with trauma, auto-immune and dissociative disorders and we are delighted to have her present on this timely topic.  This workshop is a service to the community and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Please see our website for all details.


Barbara English
Living Ubuntu | blog | facebook

PS:  I hope to see you tomorrow (Saturday, Feb 12th) evening at the screening of On Our Watch, a powerful documentary about the ongoing genocide in Darfur.

PPS:  The irony of marketing two events in one post is not lost on me. :)

No time to think, No time to breathe…
Is this me?

Tarra Stariell

 No time to think, No time to breathe... Is this me?

presented by

Living Ubuntu
Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

Saturday, February 26 2011
9:30a – 1:00p

Orange County, CA

Why is it so hard to keep up?  Where is the time for me?  Why do I feel so lost in my own life?

Join us for a workshop about our overwhelmed lives and how to find our way back to a healthy balance.
This is a not-for-profit event.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Advance registration is required. Please visit for more information.

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