Sudanese in San Diego rocked by deaths of two young men

All of us in Orange County were shocked to hear that two young Sudanese refugees died in a car crash last Thursday, Dec 23rd.

John Malou Ako, 22

John Malou Ako, 22

The two died Thursday night in a single-car wreck near the East County town of Descanso after their vehicle, driven by Gullaci, rolled off Old Highway 80 for unknown reasons.

San Diego, mainly City Heights, is home to about 2,500 Sudanese immigrants. Most of them fled to the U.S. from a 20-year civil war that killed and displaced millions.

Mark Pasquale Gullaci, 18

Mark Pasquale Gullaci, 18

“We came here to restructure our lives, for a better chance at life,” said Wai John Wai, a member of the community center. “So when we lose members of our community, it’s very painful.”


I’m told by our good friend Simon, that their families do not have all the funds to cover the funeral costs.  If you’d like to help, please contact Sudanese American Youth Center in San Diego at 619-800-0824.

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