Obama: What happens in Sudan “matters”

President Obama spoke earlier this week at the United Nations meeting about the future of Sudan.  Because of his presence, the meeting was attended by the Vice President Taha and Salva Kiir, president of Southern Sudan.

[President Obama’s speech starts at 20:30]

At this moment, the fate of millions of people hangs in the balance.  What happens in Sudan in the days ahead may decide whether a people who have endured too much war move forward towards peace or slip backwards into bloodshed.  And what happens in Sudan matters to all of sub-Saharan Africa, and it matters to the world.

– President Barack Obama, September 24 2010

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2 Responses to Obama: What happens in Sudan “matters”

  1. Dom says:

    There really is very little the people of Darfur can do of their situation. I’ve heard of instances where the people try to cross the border to other countries and just end up getting killed doing so. There’s this new flick coming out called Attack on Darfur which I hear depicts the horrors these people go through. Even some of the atcors are real victims of Darfur. Should be pretty powerful.

  2. Anshul says:

    The situation in Darfur is indeed very bleak. It is essential that there is a peaceful procession of the Referendum next year.

    I think you’re referring to the movie by Uwe Boll. I haven’t seen it myself. There are also numerous good documentaries on Darfur including, The Devil Came on Horseback, PBS Frontline’s On Our Watch.

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