Guess who has a birthday coming up?

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When the Holocaust happened 70 years ago, the world came together to hold the perpetrators of genocide accountable, tried them at the famous Nuremberg trials and said “Never again…”. Sadly, it happened again, in Cambodia (1975), Bosnia (1992), Rwanda (1994), Sudan (2003 and continuing). At the same time, massive human rights violations continue in places like the Congo and Burma where leaders continue to perpetrate horrendous crimes against their own citizens. In an increasingly global and interconnected world, we need strong institutions like the International Criminal Court (ICC) who hold such leaders accountable for their actions. Its mission is to bring to justice persons who have been “accused of the most serious crimes of international concern, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes”.

“The ICC is a court of last resort. It will not act if a case is investigated or prosecuted by a national judicial system unless the national proceedings are not genuine, for example if formal proceedings were undertaken solely to shield a person from criminal responsibility. In addition, the ICC only tries those accused of the gravest crimes.”

Next Saturday, July 17th, it’ll be exactly 10 years since the formation of this unprecedented institution. We hope you will join us as we celebrate the 10th birthday of the ICC at Barbara’s house. All details are below.


Barbara & Anshul
Orange County for Darfur, a project of Living Ubuntu | calendar | blog | facebook

10th Birthday Celebration of the International Criminal Court (ICC)


Saturday, July 17th 6:00p Dinner 7:30p screening of The Reckoning

Barbara and Betsy’s house in Aliso Viejo

Suggested contribution of $25

This is a mini-fundraiser for Living Ubuntu. And a chance to know the volunteer team behind all our events. The dinner will be home-made, vegetarian and undeniably delectable :)

Seating is extremely limited at the house. We can accommodate no more than 20 people. If you’re planning to attend, please RSVP.

For more information, please call us at (949) 891-2005.

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