OC For Darfur planning meeting is this Tuesday, April 13th

On this occasion last year, marking 15 years since the start of Rwanda’s descent into the inferno of genocide, I bowed my head to acknowledge our faults and our inability to bring the victims back. I said then, “What we can do—both for the victims and for those whose daily lives are still marred by the aftereffects of the genocide—is to rededicate ourselves to our shared commitment to human rights and human dignity. We believe that in war, there are rules. We believe that even in the pursuit of power, there are limits. We believe that even in a violent world, there are rights. We must be voices for action, even if we are sometimes lonely ones.”

I believe that still, for now and forever. Ladies and gentlemen, we have both a duty to mourn and a duty to act. We have both a responsibility to remember and a responsibility to protect. Genocide is not unstoppable. Atrocities are not inevitable. They need not be part of the landscape of world politics—unless we let them be.

– Susan Rice, on the anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide
April 7 2010 (complete speech)

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all who were able to attend our screening of “Rebuilding Hope” this past Saturday. We had close to 50 people attend. For most of us, the most endearing part was having a heartfelt, honest discussion with Wai, Simon, Issac, Ivan and our other Sudanese friends afterward. Thank you for driving down all the way from San Diego to join us. We will be posting the pictures shortly.

The next OC For Darfur planning meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday April 13th at 6:30p. There is a change in the location for this week. We will be meeting at our Living Ubuntu office in Newport Beach. Here is the address:

Living Ubuntu’s office @ 6:30p (*different location this week)
1151 Dove St. #210
Newport Beach, CA 92660

We will discuss:

  • Update on what’s going on in Sudan, Congo and Burma.
  • Trip to San Diego this Saturday for the opening of Sudanese-American Youth Center.
  • Jewish World Watch OC Walk to End Genocide on April 25.
  • The United States and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

If you’d like to get involved, we hope you will join us on Tuesday.

Barbara & Anshul
Orange County for Darfur, a project of Living Ubuntu
ocfordarfur.org | blog | facebook

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