OC For Darfur planning meeting is this Tuesday, Nov 10th

Hi everyone,

Right now, Barbara and I are in Washington DC attending the Pledge 2 Protect conference. Yesterday we heard a panel discussion on the recently released recommendations from the Genocide Prevention Task Force which includes former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. I was surprised to learn that President Obama has not issued a presidential policy directive on Sudan. The message so far has been that on a critical issue like genocide, we need the clear leadership from the President himself.

Also, Jewish World Watch is expanding their focus on the massive atrocities being committed against women in the Congo. Currently some of their members are on a fact finding mission there. You can follow their progress and personal moving stories on their blog.

Our next planning meeting is this Tuesday, Nov 10th at 6:30p. We will meet at Patty’s office in Newport Beach. Here is the address.

Patty’s office @ 6:30p
2424 SE Bristol Street, Suite 300

Newport Beach, CA 92660

We will discuss:

  • Update on what’s going on in Darfur right now.
  • What else does the anti-genocide movement need?
  • Report from Barbara and Anshul’s trip to DC.
  • Planning for our upcoming talk at the "Walk in My Shoes" conference at UCI.

If you’d like to get involved and help with the planning of any of these activities, we would love to have you come and attend :)

See you on Tuesday.

Anshul Mittal
Orange County for Darfur
ocfordarfur.org | calendar | photos | shop | blog | facebook | twitter

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