The government did not do anything ‘unlawful’

In a recent interview with The Washington Times, Sudanese Presidential advisor Gazi Salah Eldein re-emphasized the government stance that they are not the instigators of the violence in the country.

The government did not do anything unlawful.  Everything was lawful.  But some tribes, because of many factors… especially more nomadic tribes, they are more war-like… and by the way, you don’t have to go to the government to get weapons.  The region is awash with weapons.  And this is a problem for the whole of Africa…. it’s easy to get weapons.

And yet, time and time again the refugees from the violence talk about how the Janjaweed raids are preceded by the bombing by military aircraft.   I don’t think any of the ‘nomadic’ tribes have access to such equipment.

Read the complete article at The Washington Times.

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  1. ruben eberlein says:

    Derrida in Khartoum – Is the Disintegration of the Sudan Imminent?

    My latest contribution to Konkret (7/09) deals with the intensification of the many conflicts in Africa’s biggest country. Some analysts even go so far as to predict a Somalia scenario any time soon. The warrant of arrest of the ICC for President Omar al-Bashir was supposed to raise the pressure on the Islamists, but some observers doubt that this strategy in fact succeeded. Read some excerpts of that article here.

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