Kristof Discusses Rape

Nicholas Kristof’s latest op-ed discusses rape – a weapon of war which often outlasts the war itself.

Put simply by Kristof –

Even when the fighting ends, the rape continues.

Sexual violence plagues several areas ripped apart by war – Congo, Sudan, Bosnia, Rwanda, Liberia – leaving a lasting impact on women, girls, men, boys, and children born out of such a crude violation of one’s rights as a human being.

A police officer from Liberia was interviewed as part of Kristof’s column. His words stayed with me –

Rape is a scar that the war left behind.

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One Response to Kristof Discusses Rape

  1. euandus says:

    Thanks for your post. I just wrote one about what it means when such brutality is “normalized” by virtue of simply being used on a regular basis…when in fact it ought to be regarded still as beyond the pale. I am providing the link in case you are interested.

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