“Ethnocentric, Partial, and Superficial”

A recent study conducted by Arab Media Watch (AMW) found British media coverage of Darfur to be “ethnocentric, partial, and superficial” – citing such coverage as erroneous, inadequate, or missing entirely.

According to the study –

After six years of conflict, sections of the media still portray Darfur as pitting Arabs vs Africans – simple, convenient terms given the time and space constraints of journalism.

Click here to view the full study.

Although the report focused on British media coverage of Darfur, I’m pretty sure the conclusions would be the same on US coverage.

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One Response to “Ethnocentric, Partial, and Superficial”

  1. ruben eberlein says:

    Mamdani: Teenage Activists of ‘Save Darfur’ – Child Soldiers of the West

    Once again, Mahmood Mamdani provoked a fervid debate among scholars, activists and other people concerned with politics in Africa. After his controversially discussed comments about Zimbabwe, Mamdani (in his book Saviors and Survivors) accuses the ‘Save Darfur’ campaign in the US to act as the ‘humanitarian face’ of the War on Terror. Read the comments of the Professor at the Columbia University in New York in response to my questions.


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