Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

I’d like to share with all of you a piece written by someone very close to me – my mother –

When it comes to the situation in Darfur, most adults are NOT smarter than a fifth grader, sadly. When I am in a conversation with adults and Darfur is mentioned, I usually hear “Where’s that?”

Hello, my name is Janet and I am a teacher at an elementary school. Last night was our school’s Open House – a night parents come to see their child’s classroom and visit the Science Fair in the multi-purpose room. The science projects are completed by fourth, fifth and sixth grade students (10 – 12 years old). As I walked the fair looking at each project, I kept coming across “solar ovens”. They caught my eye as I have recently learned how the solar ovens are helping to save lives in Darfur. I then began to read the reports by the students and each one reported how women would be attacked as they went to gather firewood / food for their families … attacked, raped, and killed. Each report I read was extremely informative, accurate and spoke firmly of the atrocities that are taking place in our world today. WOW! They are aware!!

It is my hope that this will be a generation that takes action to help people all over the world … and most of all – fights to end genocide forever. For those of you working on this cause today, keep fighting knowing our kids are being taught in school about this crime.


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