Bashir Promises Justice; Rwanda Holds Vigil

Today, at a rally in Darfur, Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir vowed to bring Darfur war criminals to justice (without help from the West of course) –

We know about justice between us and we know how to solve our problems…we will investigate those who are criminals and those who committed crimes and those who killed and those who were killers…everyone will get their right…this is justice.

In August 2008, Sudan named a special prosecutor responsible for investigating war crimes in Darfur. So far, the appointment has not led to any prosecutions.

In other news, candlelit vigils were held throughout Rwanda today to mark the 15th anniversary of the country’s genocide which killed at least 800,000 people.

Thousands of candles spelled out the word “HOPE” in three different languages.


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