Rwandan Genocide Victims to be Reburied

15 years ago, at least 800,000 people were massacred in Rwanda. Thousands of bodies were dumped into rivers – ultimately ending up in Uganda’s Lake Victoria to be buried by villagers.

Now, those victims will receive “proper burials” in three permanent mass graves in Uganda. The exhumation and reburials will begin after Easter and will be finished within 100 days.

To learn more about the 1994 Rwandan genocide (which began on April 7th fifteen years ago), click here.

One interesting note – as previously mentioned, the reburials will be completed within 100 days – the same number of days that the genocide lasted.

But remember – although the genocide “lasted” 100 days, its effects are still being felt today.

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One Response to Rwandan Genocide Victims to be Reburied

  1. ruben eberlein says:

    Today a commemoration on the genocide took place in Berlin, Germany, as well. Sadly, nobody from the government or from the media took part in this important event.

    You can find my article about the international dimensions of the genocide in Rwanda at

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