“On the Brink of a Deepening Crisis”

After a visit to one of Darfur’s IDP camps, US special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration came away “very concerned” about what he saw.

What he saw was an overwhelming lack of adequate water and medical supplies – the result of Sudan’s expulsion of foreign humanitarian groups who provided such necessities to millions displaced by the Darfur genocide.

According to Gration –

We are on the brink of a deepening crisis in Darfur…we have to come up with a solution on the ground within the next few weeks…so that these people don’t die and they don’t incur any more suffering.

In addition to water and medical care, Gration also wants to bring peace to Darfur –

I believe that we can all work together and that means rebel groups and the government and other folks that have an interest here to come up with a solution that works for everybody.

On another note, the Executive Editor of the New York Times recently equated saving the newspaper with SAVING DARFUR!!!!!! – click here to read more.

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One Response to “On the Brink of a Deepening Crisis”

  1. Wow. Stopping genocide. Keeping a newspaper open. Different, not the same. The sad thing is that more people in the U.S. probably recognize the situation of the NY Times more than the situation in Darfur.

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