UNAMID Delivers Exams to Darfur Schools

News coming out of Darfur has been pretty dire recently (and rightly so given the current situation). With story after story of violence and suffering, it is hard to imagine that any “good” is taking place in the region.

However, there is “good” in Darfur. Consider this –

Today, UNAMID airlifted examination supplies to various secondary schools located in North Darfur. The supplies will be used for national certificate examinations which are held throughout the country.

Nevertheless, it is highly likely that the schools receiving the supplies are lacking resources of another kind. It is also highly likely that the students attending the schools are lacking appropriate nutrition, shelter, and medical care. How exactly is one supposed to perform well on an exam with one’s survival in question?

So, yes, there is “good” in Darfur. Just not nearly enough.

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