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  1. The crisis in Darfur has received media attention and political momentum is remarkable for its consideration in the United States and other Western countries, where the crisis has mobilized the efforts of hundreds of civic organizations and hundreds of thousands of volunteers, lawyers and politicians from different intellectual and religious trends, and even become one of the important issues that the presidential candidates to compete in the elections of America to confirm their willingness to address them.

    This is due to the interest groups have sought to put the crisis on the agenda of the presidency and Congress in the United States and work to pressure the Sudanese regime for the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that was signed in 2005 to end more than two decades of civil war in Sudan. In this context, the Department announced that former U.S. President George W. Bush last May (2008) a package of economic sanctions against Sudan, especially state-owned enterprises, in addition to the sanctions, Washington has imposed since 1997 claiming the auspices of the Sudan to terrorism. One of the most important of these regulatory frameworks that have sought to put the crisis in Darfur on the political agenda in the United States, “a campaign to save Darfur, Save Darfur”.

    Campaign to save Darfur .. Framework for political action

    Established a campaign to save Darfur, an alliance between a number of human rights organizations, political and religious during the Darfur emergency Darfur Emergency Summit held in New York City on the fourteenth of July 2004, which established the City University of New York City University of New York, which was prepared for the Holocaust Memorial Museum United States The United States Holocaust Museum and the Organization of American Jewish World Service American Jewish World Service.

    Prompted some to confirm the origin of the campaign set up the efforts of American Jews, as expressed by Gal Beckerman in an article in the Jerusalem Post scourge of the twenty-seventh of April 2006, stressed that the campaign was the initiative of the American Jewish community. He pointed out that the role played by the Jewish organizations in the composition and activities of the Alliance more than other organizations. As pointed out further that the Jewish presence in the intensive care coalition that the conflict in the Islamic state of most of the victims of Muslims has raised questions about the motives of the organization.

    It should be noted that the campaign to save Darfur has grown to become of more than 180 religious, political, legal, membership exceeded 130 million people from all over the world. The campaign in the management of persons belonging to Jewish organizations and Christian and Muslim. Among the board members d. James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute.

    Campaign is working in the field of political pressure, especially through cooperation with the members of Congress. The campaign has a lot of international activities, with the holding of interviews with politicians, diplomats and Africans, Arabs and Europeans to explain the dimensions of the issue and the need to move them. The coalition also a number of visits to discuss human rights issues in Sudan, with a number of world leaders, and participated in the tour a number of art and sports Stars such as George Clooney George Clooney and Don Cheadle Don Cheadle stars art, ice-skating champion Joey Cheek Joey Cheek and her enemy Tjla Arup to Tegla Laroupe.

    It also established the Union of Associations of the coalition to save Darfur, Communities United to Save Darfur, a regulatory framework that brings together over 200 works on the local level and to stop ethnic cleansing in Darfur. The Save Darfur campaign aims to achieve the following objectives:

    End violence against civilians in Darfur.

    Facilitate the access of humanitarian assistance to the Territory.

    Create the conditions for the return of refugees to their homes.

    Bring about sustainable development in Darfur.

    Hold those responsible for violations in Darfur.

    As the campaign to save Darfur, many of the successful advertising campaigns, including a million voice for Darfur Million Voices for Darfur in 2006 to collect a million postcards from all over the United States and sent to President Bush to call for the formation of a multinational force greater than those in Darfur is currently in order to protect the civilians. Was signed by Majority Leader Bill Frist in the Senate on the card number and signed a million Hillary Clinton on the card number and one million. The campaign mobilized its supporters from around 100.000 to Congress in April 2006 from thirty to call an end to the policy of ethnic cleansing in Darfur. One of the speakers that day, George Clooney and President of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Barack Obama at the time. The campaign organized a similar march 41 in about 41 other countries, and its activists to send a message to 15 thousand readers a number of e-newspapers and 215 thousand emails to members of Congress and more than a million e-mail to the White House.

    WHO has also sought to urge the U.S. administration to increase pressure on the Chinese government to stop supporting the Sudanese regime, and sought to persuade President Bush to reverse his decision to attend the opening of the Beijing Olympics.Despite the criticism of Bush policies, especially with regard to the financing of international peacekeeping forces in Darfur, and seeking to negotiate with the Sudanese government towards the end of his mandate, but they welcomed the sanctions imposed by the management of the Sudan. The Organization is optimistic that the Obama administration will increase pressure on the Khartoum government, and provided a management plan based on the payment of the new peace efforts in Sudan and to arrange for the establishment of a peacekeeping force in Darfur and to increase humanitarian aid and support the efforts of long-term economic development and that those responsible for human rights violations to trial .

    And evidence of the success of a campaign to save Darfur are numerous, for example, told Andrew Natsios Andrew Natsios, former President Bush’s envoy to Sudan in June 2007 for the Washington Post that the campaign to save Darfur, has succeeded in keeping the issue on the media and public opinion and made subject to the fore in an unprecedented way since the ending of the policy Apartheid in South Africa. Joseph Biden, said in 2007 when he was deputy in the Senate that the Save Darfur campaign efforts to put pressure on the administration and the Congress and to keep the Darfur issue to the fore have had an enormous impact.

    Differences with relief organizations

    Despite the success achieved by the campaign to save Darfur, but it faced sharp criticism for its method of work. The organization has succeeded in mobilizing efforts and many millions of dollars in donations, even a total budget of 15 million dollars in 2006, where they rely on donations from individuals, companies and organizations a giant charity. But it is far from the relief efforts in Darfur to pay for her criticism. Mamdani Mamdouh commented Professor at Columbia University on the activity of a campaign to save Darfur, saying: that large amounts of money collected by any of them do not go to the Sudan, but tend to support the information campaign.

    Add to this that the main focus of the alliance is to push for a more hardened attitudes toward the government in Khartoum rather than in support of diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the crisis. It is here refer Astephani Strom Stephanie Storm Balheirald an article in the Tribune Herald Tribune to the differences between the campaign to save Darfur, relief organizations working in Sudan, especially after the information campaign was launched in 2007 which calls for more stringent attitudes to end the conflict, including the prevention of aircraft over Darfur .

    On the other hand, believes that the relief organizations, this approach represents a threat to their activities in view of the planes they used for the delivery of aid to the affected areas. As you can see the many relief organizations that diplomatic solutions must be a priority to avoid further obstacles that can be set by the Government of the Sudan before the al-Bashir in the humanitarian efforts in the event of an escalation of pressure on it.

    He and Sam Worthington Ortizon President and Executive Director of the interaction Interaction, a coalition of a number of organizations working in the areas of development and the fight against poverty campaign was carried out by the Save Darfur campaign as a constraint on humanitarian efforts there. He expressed surprise at the Organization’s inability to stand on the truth of what is happening on the ground. He emphasized that the campaign to save Darfur, relief organizations are not, and noted that its ban on flights that could lead to increase the severity of the crisis.

    With the dramatic increase in the volume of resources that have been successful campaign to save Darfur in the collection, and method of work which focuses on both the political and media, and focus on a military solution by increasing the size and capabilities of the peacekeeping force in Darfur and the imposition of fly above, a view that the direction of the campaign on the subject from one side, so conceived as a process of continuous aggression by the Janjaweed militia against civilians, while a blind eye to the excesses committed by the rebels in the region, so as to portray the conflict as a struggle between Arabs and Africans, although the majority of the population of Darfur from the Arab Muslims.

    As the emphasis on media and advertising campaigns will certainly be called into question the possibility of using this area a gateway to pass the funds to special interests, these suspicions have led to the dismissal of the Executive Director of the campaign to save Darfur David Robinstein David Robenstein in June 2007.


    Despite the considerable success of the campaign to save Darfur, Save Darfur Region of Sudan in the development of the ill-fated at the center of political and media attention to the United States and other European countries, but it began to float on the surface of Saddam with the organizations working in relief in Sudan. Showed that the difference in the methods of work have led to a difference in the vision of priorities and alternatives to the solution. Save Darfur campaign since its inception has focused on political action and media, and drew the attention of a president to put pressure on decision makers in the United States to take a tough stand against al-Bashir regime in Sudan, accused of genocide against civilians in Darfur.

    Although many of the visits organized by the Sudan and other African countries, but they did not indulge in any form in the humanitarian efforts in Darfur, even looked for some activity in accordance with elective focuses on the mobilization of Stars art and sport, and to focus on political activity as a heavy pressure in Washington, where its headquarters President, in addition to its activity in many of the capitals of the world away from the heart of the conflict.

    On the other hand, a number of analysts and relief workers to the millions spent on campaign ads and political activity have not done anything to alleviate the suffering of civilians in Darfur. Also raised the campaign to save Darfur, orientations towards the payment of more concern to the pressure on Sudan, organizations working on the ground reality, as these organizations feared the deterioration of the prospects for the truce, which could affect its humanitarian work. Has raised an initiative of the Organization of American Jewish organizations, in addition to the suspicions that have arisen recently about the fairness of the financial management of doubts about the motivation.

    The crisis between the campaign to save Darfur, relief organizations working in Sudan is a repeat of similar incidents of the dispute between the political and field, but that the status quo, particularly since 2007 with the mounting pressure for more radical action against the Government of the Sudan, referring to the semi-separation between the two parties. Has fueled the secession of the appearance that developed the campaign to save Darfur, as the political elite of the forces of initiatives compiled by the Jewish community in the United States.

    Despite the expansion of the campaign to save Darfur, to include several non-governmental organizations within and outside the United States, in addition to other organizations working at the local level, what is needed now is more of a presence on the ground and further cooperation with relief organizations, especially the Department of Obama, which announced its support for the termination of the conflict in Darfur will have to take into account the work with all forces to reach the calm to continue to allow humanitarian efforts. Which is confirmed by both Hillary Clinton and Secretary of State Susan Rice, the Permanent Representative of the United Nations to humanitarian work will have priority at the current stage.


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