War: Through the Eyes of a Child

Flash back to your childhood when you drew pictures that your parents proudly displayed on the family refrigerator for all to see.

What did you draw in your pictures? Your family? Friends? Pets? House? Birds, rainbows, and flowers?

Now take a look at some pictures drawn by children growing up in Darfur.

What do you see? Soldiers. Weapons. Blood. Violence. Destruction.

With the Darfur crisis now six years too long, there are kids in refugee camps who have experienced nothing but war for their entire lives. They draw what they know – and what they know is war.

In the words of one child artist –

It is very kind to send us food, but this is Africa and we are used to being hungry. What I ask is that you please take the guns away from the people who are killing us.

About Kristen
"peace happens when the love for power is overcome by the power of love"

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