Aid Agencies Kicked Out of Sudan

No one expected Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir to welcome his ICC arrest warrant with open arms and words of apology…but his response today was unbelievable.

The Sudanese government ordered up to 10 humanitarian groups to leave Darfur and took possession of the agencies’ assets.

According to a UN spokesperson, groups expelled include –

The main providers of life-saving humanitarian services, such as water, food, health and sanitation. Their departure will have an immediate and serious impact on the humanitarian and security situation in North Sudan and especially in Darfur.

Oxfam America was among those agencies kicked out. The group and its 450 staff members in Sudan bring aid to 600,000 people in the country.

Oxfam released a statement today confirming that its license to operate in North Sudan was revoked and it intends to appeal the decision.

Oxfam’s International Director is urging the Sudanese government to reverse the expulsion –

Oxfam is an independent, impartial non-governmental organization, with absolutely no links to the ICC. Oxfam does not have an opinion on the Court’s activities, and our sole focus is meeting humanitarian and development needs in Sudan.

One can only hope that humanitarian groups will be invited to return to Darfur. The people of Sudan have already suffered devastation beyond belief. Items like food and water are currently so hard to obtain – without aid agencies, they will be downright impossible to obtain.

President Bashir, I am not sure whether the ICC’s arrest warrant makes you fearful or angry (or both). However, I am sure that you cannot deal with the feelings by lashing out against the people of Darfur.

They did not charge you with crimes against humanity – they lived your crimes against humanity.

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One Response to Aid Agencies Kicked Out of Sudan

  1. Phil says:

    It is also clear that the West and the Zionist who were supplying weapons to several otherwise peaceful ethnic factions externally creating an ethnic and sectarian civil war in which none existed before the discovery oil and gas that instigated the conflict in the Congo and Sudan in the Darfur region. When the Chinese where willing to invest billions of US Dollar reserves in oil and gas drilling pipelines and infrastructure improvements such as railways roads water and irrigation projects hospitals schools universities in Sudan that’s when the conflict started. The Zionist created a sectarian war between religious and ethnic group’s civil warfare than casualties mounted and the Zionist controlled media and their political lackeys instantly blamed the conflict on the Sudanese government. The United States and the European Union threaten economic sanctions against Sudanese government for the sectarian ethnic groups’ civil warfare originally created by the Zionist with the support of United States and the European Union. Sudanese government is an innocent bystander by a Zionist created civil warfare. Sudanese government primary interest is industrializing Sudan into an economic power equal to South Africa or better. The conflict is really about denying China access to Sudan and Africa’s oil and gas reserves. We have the exact same conflict in the Congo region in Africa.

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