“No One Will Give A Damn”

Today, the US, Britain, and France announced their opposition to any deferral of an International Criminal Court indictment of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir.

On Wednesday, the UN said that the ICC had decided to issue an arrest warrant for the man behind the Darfur genocide. However, Thursday, the ICC denied that a decision had been made.

If a warrant is issued, Bashir would become the first sitting head-of-state to be indicted.

Sudanese officials continue to dismiss allegations against Bashir.

In the words of Sudan’s UN ambassador –

For us, this so-called indictment doesn’t exist. No one will give a damn in the country. If it has any merit, it has united the whole Sudanese people around our president.

The ambassador also vowed that Sudan will not cooperate with the ICC.

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