Teens Learn About Genocide and Activism

Photograph by Stop Genocide Now

Photograph by Stop Genocide Now

Toronto high school students giving a presentation for their “Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity” class were heckled and pelted with paper airplanes by fellow students until one classmate finally said “Enough is enough”.

It turns out that the hecklers had been instructed by their teacher to behave in such a manner. It was simply an exercise planned by the teacher to see whether the kids would remain obedient to authority despite committing acts they knew were not right.

The “Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity” course encourages Toronto teens to defy the stereotype of the apathetic, uncaring youngster by “up-standing” rather than by-standing.

According to teacher Mitch Bubulj –

You just have to offer a course like this to see the best in these teenagers and I’ve seen it. Students want to do the right thing and they get angry at the injustice.

They get that it’s not a joke.

For more teens unwilling to stand by while genocide occurs, check out STAND – the student-led division of Genocide Intervention Network.

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One Response to Teens Learn About Genocide and Activism

  1. jojo star says:

    During the early 90’s Mitch was teachig in Malaysia a muslim country which daily aired news reports on the war crimes committed by Serbian forces against Bosnian muslims. Being a serbian he made statements defending the Serbs ad their rights.

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