Rummage sale for Darfur

Hi everyone,

Below is a message from Maia Boitano, a junior at Woodbridge High School in Irvine.  She’s organizing a rummage sale for Darfur.  Last year Maia raised over $3000!!!

Because of her zealous, devoted efforts, she was recognized by United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  I hope we all can support her again this year.

Anshul Mittal
Orange County for Darfur

UPDATE: The rummage sale is now scheduled for Saturday, April 4th from 7am till 12pm.


Maia Boitano

Maia Boitano, front center, and the Woodbridge High School STAND chapter.

My name is Maia Boitano and I am a junior at Woodbridge High School. My Darfur Chapter along with a history teacher at our High School are hosting a Rummage Sale.  The rummage sale will take place on Saturday, March 14th April 4th from 7-12. During my freshman year we did the same rummage sale and we raised nearly $2,300. Last year we raised this sum and made 3,000 dollars.

The Rummage sale benefits two amazing the causes. For our half of the profits my club will donate them to a few organizations that benefit the innocent civilians of Darfur. The first is Stand. S.T.A.N.D. (A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition) which is our home organization they directly send money to the civilians of Darfur and promote advocacy about the current genocide occurring in Sudan.The other organization is Doctors Without Borders. We specify on the donation forms where we would like our donations to go. The other half of the money will go to Steps of Hope Orphanage which is located in Les Cayes, Haiti. One of the other students at our school has an aunt who is in charge of the orphanage. She said that because of the tough economic times many people have been unable to donate to the orphanage and this year they may have to reject some of the orphans. This would mean that they would be forced to live on the poor streets of Haiti begging for food. As many of us know Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Recently because of the unstable political government in this country many more children have been in need of going to the orphanage. These are two very worthy causes.

Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

We were wondering if anyone would be willing to provide donations for our rummage sale. For example clothes, furniture, artwork, electronics, absolutely anything that you would be willing to donate to a very deserving cause good cause. And also if anyone would be willing to come to the event to purchase any items. Last year one of my friends bought designer jeans for two dollars. She also purchased many vintage accesories for really cheap prices and some unique artwork for under 20 dollars. Some other kids in my club bought a Tv for 30 dollars,a computer HP printer for 20 dollars and some really cute teacups that looked amazing. I bought a pair of vintage Ray Bans for 5 dollars. We also have an assortment of Mac and Dell printers and computers for sale the day of the event along with tons of furniture.  We feel that because of the tough economic times many families are feeling  increased prices of goods and are unable to provide themselves and their children with basic neccesities.  This is why the Rummage Sale is a perfect event for anyone to save a lot of money and get some really cool stuff.  Everyone comes out of the Rummage Sale happy and a winner because not only have they bought stuff that usually would be three times the price but they have helped two great causes and helped better the lives of others.

On top of that we are having a drawing. Tickets are two dollars and can be purchased the day of the event. I am in charge of the Rummage Sale and the drawing.  You could win a variety of certificates. Including a stay at the Hilton, (3) 500 dollar spa certificates, many gift baskets including one’s to Angelic Boutique, Trader Joes, Peets Coffee, Bellagio Salon and many more. All together I have raised 2,200 in certificate donations and we still have a month to pick up more donations that are coming.

Anyway if anyone would be willing to donate any materials you could contact me by email and we could arrange a pick up or a drop off at our school. If you are willing to donate you can drop it off at Woodbridge High School in Mrs. Malkin’s room G101.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my email

Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!

Maia Boitano
Pres. of the Whs Darfur Chapter

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