The Most Dangerous Place for Women

As part of its Raise Hope for Congo campaign, the Enough Project has released the ten reasons why Eastern Congo is the most dangerous place on earth for women.

The ten reasons include the following –

  1. Predatory security forces
  2. Lawless militias
  3. A culture of impunity
  4. The resource curse
  5. Poverty
  6. A collapsed health care system
  7. Internal displacement
  8. A failing education system
  9. Gender inequality and cultural barriers

Former UN Deputy Force Commander, speaking of Congo –

It is more dangerous to be a woman than to be a soldier right now.

Congolese woman, speaking of her role in society –

My job is to beg.                                                                                                  

Click here to learn more about the International Violence Against Women Act and sign a petition urging Congress to vote in favor of it.

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One Response to The Most Dangerous Place for Women

  1. AustinTXGal says:

    Thanks for bringing attention to this. HBO did the wonderful special “The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo.” That really opened my eyes and I blogged about it in the related post “Women Suffer Atrocities Silently in the Congo.” It is heart-wrenching what these women go through to just be able to gather firewood to eat. Each time they go out, they risk being raped and tortured. I pray for these women every day.

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