Living Like a Darfur Refugee

Two members of Stop Genocide Now, a grassroots organization aimed at education, advocacy, and policy change, decided to find out what it is really like to be a refugee in Darfur.

For one month, the men adhered to a diet similar to that of individuals in Darfur’s IDP camps (1,000 calories per day of only wheat).

The experiment was documented through journals, pictures, and videos. Check it out.

Why would these two people put themselves through such agony?

In the words of participant Eric Angel –

I can extrapolate my experience and empathize even more with the Darfurians’ struggle. From what I have experienced through all of this, I believe that if people try to empathize by connecting experiences, they will feel more connected to the struggles of others and will therefore be more motivated to help in the fight for peace, justice, and LIFE.

Empathy is the greatest of virtues.

Eric lost 23 pounds during the 30 days. He and his partner also experienced adverse side effects such as severe weakness, muscle aches, and distraction.

And, just think, this was one month. Imagine five plus years.

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"peace happens when the love for power is overcome by the power of love"

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