Better Late than Never?

612After meeting with Dr. Halima Bashir, a Darfuri woman who experienced first-hand the atrocities taking place in the region, US president George Bush had strong words for Sudan president Omar Al-Bashir.

It’s very important for President Bashir of Sudan to know that he cannot escape accountability; that if he so chooses, he could change people’s lives, the condition of people’s lives very quickly.

Bush also expressed his frustration related to peacekeeping efforts (or lack thereof) in Darfur – “The pace of action out of the United Nations is too slow”.

Will Bush’s most recent statements be accompanied by actions? Or will they simply lead to empty promises as we have seen before? Only time will tell.

Dr. Bashir is the author of the book “Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur”.

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