Omar Al-Bashir is “going to be indicted”

n_scarborough_kristoff_081205thumbMy favorite reporter, Nicholas Kristof appeared earlier today on Morning Joe at MSNBC.  He talked about his recent op-ed about the lack of iodine in the world’s food and water supply which results in “irreversible brain damage” for children.  Sudan and the current situation in Darfur came up as well.

And a bombshell from Mr. Kristof.

We now have a real opportunity [in Darfur] because President Bashir of Sudan is going to be indicted by the International Criminal Court.  That is a 100 percent certain. And that is going to happen in the next couple of months.  Then there is a real possibility that the Sudanese leadership is going to throw him under the bus.

And we have to do everything we can working with African leaders, working with Middle Eastern leaders and especially with China to make sure that it happens.

I was surprised to hear Nick speak with such certainty.  Watch the entire segment below.  They discuss Sudan at the very end (6:01).

The people in Darfur deserve justice.  And the indicment of Omar Al-Bashir is a step in the right direction.  I can’t help but wonder who will step in to hold the country together after Mr. Bashir has vacated the premises.

Keeping my fingers crossed…


See the complete video on MSNBC.

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