Condoleezza has “Real Regrets” about Darfur

US Secretary of State Rice

In an interview with the NY Times this week, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice expressed “real regrets” about the way her country and the world has handled the Darfur atrocities.

The US officially deemed the crisis in Darfur a “genocide” in 2004. However, no immediate further action was taken. Whether the country really believed a simple label would end the violence or whether taking the next step was not determined to be in its best interest has been widely debated.

Rice referred to the failure by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to do more as an “enormous embarrassment” and that the proclaimed “responsibility to protect” was “nothing but words”.

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2 Responses to Condoleezza has “Real Regrets” about Darfur

  1. Anshul says:

    This is just like Bill Clinton expressing regret over Rwanda.

    I’m glad they finally see the error of their ways. It just would be nice if they have the courage and political will to take action while they could.

    It’s never too late Ms. Rice…

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