Sudan Declares Ceasefire


President Al-Bashir has proclaimed an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Darfur. Such a ceasefire will involve the disarming of the ruthless Janjaweed militias.

Al-Bashir’s move has received boundless praise from the UN. However, others question the motivation behind the sudden ceasefire. Is Al-Bashir finally ready to bring peace to Darfur? Or is the move simply a ploy to help his case before the ICC?

One must remember that previous ceasefires have largely brought only disappointment – with hopes for peace fizzling while the fighting rages on. It should also be pointed out that Darfur rebel groups have already rejected the ceasefire, citing the government’s “long waiting list” of dishonored commitments.

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"peace happens when the love for power is overcome by the power of love"

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