Sudan’s Al-Bashir: USA, UK and France are the dirt beneath my shoes


Omar Al-Bashir, accused of perpetrating genocide in Darfur

Apparently, Omar Al-Bashir, president of the Sudan is not bothered by the recent ICC indictment.  He described the accusations of genocide, crimes against humanity and murder as “nuisances” and “similar to mosquito buzz.”

“Do not be bothered by what Ocampo (ICC Chief Prosecutor) says. He is too weak for his decision is in the hands of his master: the USA, France and UK. We will never be subdued, we will never kneel and we will never be led. They are never able to extend or shorten human life. Sustenance and kingdom are never in the hands of the USA, France or America. They (USA, UK and France) are all under my shoes.”

The insults seem very calculated in their intensity.  Shoes have a special meaning in Arabic culture.

In Arabic language and within the culture in which the words are expressed, shoes are the extreme symbol of debasement. Their filth goes far beyond hygiene and physical dirt. Shoes are so abominably dirty that they defy both mundane and ritual cleansing. This is why they are left at the entrance of sitting rooms and are never brought inside a mosque. The sole of a shoe is never exposed towards a companion and certainly not in full view of a dignitary.


Read the entire article at the Sudan Tribune.

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7 Responses to Sudan’s Al-Bashir: USA, UK and France are the dirt beneath my shoes

  1. Salama says:

    i am a sudanese ….& i know all about Darfour , for sure there a war there and sadly there is alot of victms :( …..but it’s war between tow sides & the goverment is not the only one to be balmed !! …..even so it’s a pure sudanese mater no need for international intervension !! ……if u want to e fair & care fo victams of war please see GAZA in palstine news…..& the crimes done there by the isrealin govermnment !!! while the world id watching ………

  2. Anshul says:

    Salma, I agree with you that there are numerous perpetrators on both sides. But I’m curious to find out why you think the international community has no role in this matter. Aren’t the government’s actions systematic and genocidal?

    I fail to see how this situation is any different than other past genocides (Rwanda, Cambodia, Holocaust).

  3. Cecilia says:

    Salama, are trying to say that the international intervension shouldn’t stand up for the people who are getting killed and rappe by your stupid arabic muslime people?

  4. Peter says:

    Cecilia, [edited]
    salma is totally right and you are twisting her words. what she means is that international intervension should take place, but the blame of this was is not to be dumped on the government….Why dont we act first then discuss later??????

    The above comment was edited for propriety.

  5. Khalid Hammour says:

    Anshul and Cecilia ,

    She wants you humantarian and caring angles to send ur blessed souls also to Gazza , if u hear abt it .. the mass destruction and genocide which all of u angles were watching drinking Coca and eating chips , to Guantanamu , to Iraq (4,000,000) killed by illegal invasion .. to Abu Ghareeb mascar .. to Afghanistan where death is all around there ..

    Please try to understand that we are not like you and also we dont like you .

  6. Sendit says:

    Sure he can not bothered in his land bruv.

  7. Abu Ahmed says:

    The conflict began in Darfur for several years before the arrival of Bashir’s government and the conflict is not between Arabs and Africans, and not between Muslims and Christians only such differences are not effecting already in Sudan, but the Western media want it and accused G. Bashir of something was not done and the only thing that he did he tray to stop the outlaws.

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