Sudan’s Southern Kordofan: The Next Darfur

BBC is reporting that South Kordofon, “a disputed region in Sudan could turn into another conflict to rival that in Darfur.”

“South Kordofan is a Sudan in miniature, with heavily armed African and Arab tribes living side by side,” ICG’s Fouad Hikmat told the BBC.

… the situation in Southern Kordofan, which lies to the north of the border of South Sudan and borders Darfur, could be the domino that tips over the peace in the south, and possibly, the entire country, the ICG says.

… it says the main northern and southern political parties – President Omar al-Bashir’s NCP and the ex-rebel SPLM – have been “dangerously engaged in ethnic polarisation” in advance of elections.


Read the whole article here.


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