Thank you for coming out for our beach photoshoot

Hi everyone,

Thank you for coming to our “End Genocide Now” beach photoshoot this past Saturday. We were hoping for 100 people… over 200 rsvp’d… 150 showed up! It is amazing to see this level of support in Orange County

And thank you for your patience that day. Obviously, things didn’t exactly go as planned… but we got the shot. THANK YOU :)

We want to hear from you. What did you think of the event? What did you like about it? What didn’t go well? Any and all feedback (and suggestions) are welcome. It will help us make sure things more smoothly next time.

To give feedback, please enter your remarks in the comments section below.

Thanks again for coming out. Hope you had an enjoyable time.

Tired and smelly,
:) Anshul

PS: Wilfredo is working on the photograph and will release it shortly. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: We made the front page of the Daily Pilot.

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7 Responses to Thank you for coming out for our beach photoshoot

  1. Robyn says:

    Photoshoot feedback-
    Things often do not go as planned, the tide will do what it wants when it wants, I think everyone did a great job and I had a lot of fun! A bit of sand never hurts anyone.

  2. Cheri Hierbaum says:

    I was very proud to have been a part of it and am so thrilled it made front page and will gather more attention. It shows they are not forgotten.

  3. Michael Fox says:

    The organizers and Wilfredo did a great job of planning and then smoothly coping with the few unexpected issues that came up (the seaweed and the tide). Congratulations on a tremendously successful event — and thanks for putting it all together. (Can’t wait to see the photos!)

  4. Robert Haupenthal says:

    Hi Anshul,

    Well, first of all, thanks to you, Barbara, Carol, Patty, and all the rest of Ubuntu. Without you people we, nor the people of Darfur, Orange County would not be involved.

    Constructive suggestion, (obvious) if at Inspiration Point or along the beach, read the tide charts.

    2nd: You may want to invest in some thick rope that you can cut or spell out the letters in the sand. That way it would be fairly easy for the people to just lay on the rope and the word would appear.

    3rd; lastly, again, you’ve done a great job on the website, keep it up. Inviting Congressman to be Steve Young was a genuine coup. Citizens are more inclined to show up if politicians are prone to attend.


  5. Lil Rostoker says:

    Dear Barbara and Anshul,
    So happy that so many people showed up. Some people just decided to participate when they passed by and noticed what we were doing. You and the others really had the hard job of moving the seaweed. Thought the event went very well in spite of the tide coming in. Upon leaving it was nice to hear some people say that they felt good about making a statement and participating.



    PS, I love the new website

  6. Rosalind Haley says:

    I was there for both the Enough and this this past Saturday’s photo shoot. We all Realize that organizing that many people on a narrow strip of beach with kelp and water to work around is very challenging. I think you all did a great job and hope the shot came out great. Next time see if we can get permission form the owner of one of the homes over looking the beach to see if the photographer can stand on the stairwell or balcony. I know you tried but it doesnt hurt to ask again.

    Great, Great job-

  7. Jan Schreiber says:

    I really enjoyed being involved in the photo shoot. It looks great! Everyone around me was getting into creating this message, no matter what it took. Everyone was getting to know each other since it took a while and the commeradamie was fantastic. I made a great friend and we just sat there talking so long, I looked around and everyone on the beach was gone. This friend and I got together yesterday and had a great time. Thanks for all your efforts, Barbara and Ansul. I think it was a great success and I’m chanting that it reaches all the people who can help fund and support the anti-genocide movement

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