Single moms of Darfur

On day 7 of the Darfur Olypmics, Mia Farrow talks with women about their lives in the refugee camp.

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Women and girls living in Darfur and eastern Chad – in camps, towns and rural areas – live in constant fear of sexual violence. The perpetrators are usually men from the Sudanese security forces, militias, rebel groups and former rebel groups. Gender-based assaults occur as part of the attacks, but also in times of relative calm.

Watch the Darfur Olympics.

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One Response to Single moms of Darfur

  1. Charles says:

    I am working with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) and we are looking for personal stories from people currently in refugee camps or other places as well as refugees that have returned home or permanently settled in another country. We want to put a “face” on refugee assistance and protection issues as we believe no one can better advocate for refugees—than a refugee himself or herself. Often they have powerful experiences to share.

    We will post many of these stories on our website

    Please share the story submission information with those who might have a valuable story to tell, and encourage them to share their experiences with USCRI. There is a link to the submission form on the homepage ( or you can access it directly here:

    Thank you!

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